Preparing for your wedding or sacred event can be a tedious and often difficult experience--especially for those working on ceremonies outside of their home state. For your convenience, Kimberly is available in person, as well as via email or phone to consult with you on your vision for the ceremony. During the consultation, Kimberly will discuss pricing, preferred style choice, and accompanist options. Keeping in mind your preferences and favorite hymns, Kimberly will offer suggestions on hymns and pieces to fit within your vision. 

Collaborative artists

Kimberly regularly works with four accompanists in her ministry, depending on availability and style choice. In addition to the musicians below, Kimberly welcomes collaborations with musicians within your network.  

Emily Williams

Piano | Organ | Harpsichord

Emily Williams is a master accompanist and vocal coach at Westminster College and the University of Utah. Emily spends her summers in Italy with La Musica Lirica, a summer opera program for young American performers such as Kimberly Tosti, who attended in 2011. She has and continues to work with Utah Symphony and Opera and also does freelance and répétiteur work throughout the Wasatch Front.  

Joe Demers

Piano | Organ 

Joe Demers has a B.A. in music from San Diego State University with an emphasis in vocal and keyboard study. He has a liturgy background from University San Diego. Joe has been a choral conductor and pianist since 1983, predominantly at Catholic Churches across Califonia. He has been at St. Mary’s since 2004 and has been the music director for the parish since January 2012. 

Mike Leavitt

Piano | Organ 

Mike is a talented pianist, composer, and sound engineer. He has performed for locals and celebrities alike, most notably for First Lady Hillary Clinton and Tony Award winner Audra McDonald. Mike is proficient in many styles and genres, with a strong background in jazz, theater, opera, and sacred collaboration. He has a well-honed ear for improv and is able to sight-read anything you put in front of him. 

Mary Morgan

Piano | Vocals 

 The woman who started it all, Mary has been working with Kimberly from the time she first found her voice. On top of her beautiful piano skills, Mary has a rich, versatile voice that blends perfectly with Kimberly. Combined, these two songbirds are sure to bring chills to the entire congregation. Recently, Kimberly and Mary cut a demo CD of their favorite contemporary hymns. Mary's voice and accompaniment can be heard on the Christian section of the Media page.